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Default Why no 3d print out there?

So I swapped out my super crappy and flimsy designed '71-'72 three piece grill for the '67-'70 aluminum one. Of course finding parking lamp housings for these grills is another part that cannot be obtained. Finally came across a set with the left being mint and the right looking like it had been buried in crap for 40 years and also dug up every so often so it could be blow torched. Sent it to a friend of mine who said that 3d printing these should be easy..

So the question begs to be asked. Why are we not seeing 3d printed recreations of unobtainable parts for the 1xx series of cars? I mean I am having a replacement made by a friend who is by no means rich he just happens to have assembled one over time and it'll do the job.

I'd think a parts house like VP auto or CVI would benefit from recreating items that have long been unavailable. Thoughts?

I am sure this would also hold true for P1800, Amazon, etc but having once owned a P220 I know that my 142 has been harder to procure parts for than the Amazon ever was.
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