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M.H. Yount
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LOL - brake performance, like most of the rest of anything to do with a car, is highly subjective and almost always referential. "The brakes are great!" can mean anything from 'they stop the car eventually' to 'I can easily modulate them while trail braking into the slightly off-camber turn 2 at Road Atlanta while on worn tires' to 'these brakes are a helluva lot better than the brakes in my truck.' "The brakes are horrible" can also mean 'they stop the car eventually'. In the end all that really matters is that DET's getting the brake set up he wants on the car.
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Originally Posted by DET17 View Post
All I told you was the same lie the man told me:
And I also said that my 95 960 very nice brakes

I haven't driven an early 900 series in a long time but i will take your word that the brakes are lack luster
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Originally Posted by DarkKratoz View Post
The only safe bet is Ben.©
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While I'm waiting for a TASCA parts order to deliver, decided to fit check my do88 intercooler.

Once again, my anal OCD kicked in, so I cleaned up the front core support prior to the supposed "drop in" fitment of the do88. Here is the front clip sporting the new FMIC:



Top fastener points to attach to the radiator nearly line up.... but it needs to shift just a bit to the PASS. side for 100%. Here you can see the slight obstacle which will be relieved to get the FMIC lined up dead nuts:


A dremel will make quick work of that lip, and a bit of touch up paint she'll be good to go. I'll tell you what, this cooler had better make more POWER because it has got to weigh 20# more than the OE unit! I know that do88 certainly optimized the fitment; that is, they didn't leave any room and consumed it all. The data sheets on Eurosport TUNING claim a nice temperature reduction and a significant flow advantage (pressure drop across the cooler) with this piece. Couple pics here showing the contact between the FMIC tanks and the radiator:



I've been studying how to route an extra trans. oil cooler and mount with this stack of heat exchangers. The only sensible path is going to require hoses, and pass thru the core support just below the do88 inlet port. No way to use hard lines with this setup. I'm investigating a 960 external trans. cooler as an option; if that doesn't work then likely aftermarket.
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