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Default Auto to Ford T5 swap Q's

Alright guys, AW70 took a crap, and I got offered a ford T5 for 250.

So, the choice to me is fairly obvious.

I guess my biggest question (and I have read the write up) is, what parts am I forgetting?

I know I'll need a flywheel, clutch, pedal box, and some nature (Hydraulic or cable?) of connection between the two. Also, I'll need an adapter kit, and a bellhousing from a manual tranny.

Now, I need parts suppliers, suggestions, experience, etc. I've never had anything to do with manual boxes, aside from drive a couple, and I'm hooked. Advice is always good too!

Almost out of the Volvo game!

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I can get you a bellhousing for a manual transmission..
What are you using for a driveshaft?
I've done the swap.. but only on a 240. So I can offer little advice in terms of driveshaft length, shifter fittment etc. I reccomend rebuilding it while it's outta the car before you even start. It's pretty easy and it gives you a chance to make sure it hasn't been trashed.. You dont really know until you get the tail housings off those T-5's and get the top cover off.. And if you're gonna go that far, you may as well press some new bearings on, and replace the wearable items inside.
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I have no idea what I'll do for the driveshaft. I'm really just now begining to think about it. I was planning on rebuilding it while Its out of the car, just for peace of mind. The guy claims he uses it daily still, and it shifts and sounds fine.

My biggest concern is the clutch cable/pedal/bearing setup. What'd you do for that?
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Old 11-24-2009, 05:49 PM   #4
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Lots of info out there. But here one place with photos: http://www.v-performance.com/products/transmission.html .
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