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Default Lesjofors HD rear coil springs? 700/900


Searching hasn't helped me much and I need new springs in the back of my 745. So...

Has anyone used the Lesjofors HD rear coil springs on their 700/900 car? If so, what do you think of them?
These guys https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/vol...jofors-4295804

I ask because I would like to know if they are similar or equivalent to the iPD overload springs. Also if they hold up well, raise the rear a bit, etc.

Thanks for any info
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JY 245 springs?
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Image hosted by servimg.com

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how psi stock cna support?

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I was wondering the same thing with those lesjofors,as a alternative to the ipd’s.i didn’t realize 245 springs were an option.
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Otto Mattik
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iirc 13mm is OE for 245 rear, & 14mm is HD

I ordered & installed 14mm for a 245(Swedish car parts - Sweden ?) from FCP, a bit stiff but great for heavy loads
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My 88 765 has had the Kilen heavy duty rear springs installed for at least 13 years. Kilen is a subsidiary of Lesjofors. My car is always loaded with parts and tools and the shocks have never bottomed out. KYB Gas-A-Just rear shocks installed at same time. My 88 765 originally had Nivomat rear shocks. It had the rear springs and shocks upgraded sometime just before I got the car.

Volvo OE 1359710
Kilen 66210/ Lesjofors 42 958 04 listed as cargo rear spring.

12 mm thickness?
122 mm diameter?
397 mm length?

Lesjofors 30 7665/ 42 958 04 is listed as HD; Wagon; w/o Nivomat shocks. Can be used to convert from Nivomat to standard shock absorbers.

13 mm thickness?
123 mm diameter?
375 mm length?
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Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it. Just doing some research for now but I'll let y'all know what I end up buying and any pertinent info as far as ride height, handling and the like.
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