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Round Fender Spender?
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Default How to do The Volvo Stencil (stencil trace included)

Ok here's the how-to

original artwork by LindStyling http://forums.turbobricks.com/member.php?u=6166

Volvo Stencil

Here is how to do your very own volvo stencil wall painting.

1. Print the stencil. It is dimensioned to be wall-sized. If you scale it down smaller some of the details might be difficult to cut out properly, but not impossible. If you would like to make your own, You can follow some simple instructions for making general lineart from your own images as well http://www.heathrowe.com/tuts/lineart.asp and then rasterbate ( http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator ) them into multiple page print outs at home (for those of you who dont have a 44" plotter). Just keep in mind that you cannot have any white "islands", so that you can actually physically make the stencil(think of making a stencil for the letter O)

2. We used a 44 inch plotter which printed the image in two parts. This meant we had to cut and spray them separately, which required some extra work lining the two halves up. If possible, have the image rotate properly so it comes out of the plotter as a single piece of paper.

3. Lay the stencil on a piece of cardboard or some other cutting surface and carefully cut out all of the black sections using an exacto knife. The outlines are already predesigned to work properly. I recommend you start with small stuff and leave the huge areas for last. The pixelations are a result of printing off of a computer -- use your artistic judgement to make all of the cut lines as smooth and straight as possible.

4. Using blue painters tape, tack the top corners of the stencil on the wall, and reposition as necessary to get it straight.

5. Using tiny pieces of tape, carefully attach ALL of the loose flappy parts of the stencil cutouts. Make the tape small enough so that it follows the shape of the cutouts. The stencil should essentially be flat against the wall when you're done. You can also clip out a piece near the loose part of the stencil and tape over it straight to the wall in this case. This is a little harder and you could damage your stencil but also works well.

6. Surround with newspaper

7. Using broad sweeping strokes lay down the paint. spray about 8 inches from the wall. make sure that you don't spend too much time in one place or the paint will drip and ruin the lines of the stencil. We used flat black Ace Hardware paint.

8. Let it dry (2-3min), go over the light spots, and let dry another 2-3 minutes.

9. Remove all the stuff and enjoy.

10. Post pics in this thread (necessary step for guaranteed success)
Sample pictures
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