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Default Misfire + P0340 (Cam Sens Circuit), no Misfire code

/edit any tips for replacing the cam sensor on a 960? Not a lot of room back there and I already had my torx slip on the top bolt once :(.


The 960 developed a misfire/cut/falter of some sort yesterday. Here's some details...

Occurs around at 3800 RPM under heavier load (75% throttle or more). I'm guessing 3800 is around peak torque for a B6304?
Also in happens in neutral, no load around 2800.
When the misfire started to happen, check engine light came on for P0340 Cam sensor circuit
There are no codes for misfires, nor has the CEL flashed which I thought was odd. (I thought M4.4 supported misfire reporting?)

Today I reseated the connector/cleaned the connector for cam sensor and the codes comes back immediately after being cleared.

Ran without the MAF incase there was something weird happening. No change.
Plugs are fairly fresh, probably less than 2K miles on them.
Planning to plug a multimeter into the pins for the cam sensor shortly.

So my first question is....
Are the cam sensor code and misfire\cut likely to be related, or am I looking at two separate issues?

(Edit) Answer: Yes cam sensor controls injection and ignition timing.

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Leave the cam sensor connector open to test if it'll work any smoother without the sensor. It'll only give a fault code.

Did you use a T40 Torx? Top one can be helped a bit by hitting with a punch to the side. No other tips than you just have to wrench those bolts open.
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Thanks Lankku. Yeah I used a T40 torx. I gave them a spray of WD40 afterwards, I'll let that seep in then clean up the heads before I try again. Punch is a good idea.

I thought disconnecting the sensor would prevent it from running. I'll give it a go.
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Torx bit in a pair of vicegrips.
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