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Default '96 960 Wagon w/o Nivomat - Sagging Rear End


Working on a '96 960 with over 200k miles on it. The car has a definite sag in the rear end, especially if the car is loaded down. My research indicates this is a Mk2 IRS car that did NOT come with Nivomats. On the chassis identification plate, the suspension is marked with an "H" and there are standard shocks on the car. The part number on the shocks don't match any volvo part number I can find so I am thinking they may be an aftermarket replacement. So questions:

1.) Is it worth trying to replace the shocks to help the rear end sag? Perhaps with "OEM" shocks, which are surprisingly reasonably priced?

2.) Is there anything that can be done if the fiberglass leaf spring is sagging? Anyone tried "shimming the mounts in some way to lift the rearend up?

Any other info and experiences from other folks would very helpful!

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I’ve seen it mentioned a couple times in some older threads that if the front gets worn out it’ll actually raise up some, making it appear that the rear end in sagging. Could’ve been wrong, so take it with a grain of salt
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IIRC There was a heavy duty rear spring available.
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You could add rear coilovers w/ assist springs to level it out. I offer them.

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I'm in the same situation in my 940. I just ordered new rear struts and springs, I think that should fix it. I have a solid rear axle but I ordered these for my car:


Oddly enough, ordering them from Europe was the cheapest place to get them.

OEM replacement springs aren't that costly if you want to keep it stock.
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