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Question Sloppy steering

My 93 240 has a problem where if your going 60-70 the steering starts to feel really loose and sloppy but going around 45 it feels nice and tight. I’ve jacked the car up and checked for bad inner tie rods but the wheels are stiff. Could this be bad ball joints?
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It could be any of the steering/suspension components or a combination of a little sloppy in several. At 25 years old it probably would a refresh of most of the components.

I had a rear bushing of the control arm fail that took a bit to diagnose.

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My guess is frontend lift
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Check to make sure the steering rack is still firmly bolted in - the u-bolts seem to get loose.
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Pate also check the steering knuckle. On my 87 something went bad with it right as I picked it up and each time I would turn, a few more needle bearings would fall out. It was pretty sketch.

Luckily a lot of the suspension stuff on these cars is pretty simple to tackle outside of a bit of muscle and the odd creative tool required.
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Otto Mattik
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Have helper turn wheel back and forth and look for slop on lower steering coupler ?
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