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Question Help. Mystery part fell from volvo

Hi, I was replacing the injector seals on my 244 the other day and I heard something fall through the engine to the ground while I was moving the fuel rail. Underneath, all I could find was this brass ring:

Does anybody have any clue what this is? I put everything back together with no apparent missing pieces, and the car drives perfectly fine. Maybe it was just sitting there on the engine and unrelated?
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mmm, no pic for me, but are your grounds on the rail still there? under the bolts that hold the rail to the intake manifold

edit, nvm. I see you say runs fine.
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The turbo hard lines use a brass ring for a gasket is all I can think of.
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Fuel filter also uses those same kind of seals, if it's under the hood, someone probably dropped it while changing the filter.
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Whoops sorry, I had email alerts off. The grounds are all there, my car is an NA, and the fuel filter is the kind that lives near the rear axle. I guess it was probably just sitting there when I knocked it.
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