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Default 86 245dl turn signal issues

the basics turn signals only work with headlights on.
things I have done checked fuses good flasher unit replaced with a good one
checked grounds all are tight and clean. all lights work as needed brakes high beams driving lights.
this just started out of the blue If i turn the brights on turn signals do not work as well then.
I did replace the headlight switch a few months ago with a new unit.
also when i bought the car someone had taken the bulb integrity sensor out so it had none.
I installed the correct jumpers in there correct spots all lights worked fine turn signals etc

oh one other thing I noticed is when i turn the ignition off with headlights on they shut off it never used to do that before.
im stumped at this point I know im missing something really obvious so if anyone could point it out i would be very happy.
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Old 08-07-2018, 01:24 AM   #2
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Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: happy valley

I did a bunch more testing today,
I took out the fuse panel and cleaned all the connections for the fuses put new fuses in and verified continuity by touching the connector the fuse touches on both sides of the fuse with a digital volt ohm meter.
took apart the dash and checked for voltage at the turn signal switch and unless the headlights are on there is no power to it. duh I knew that allready lol and during this I lost dash lights to so it looks like its the headlight switch. and of course ipd is out of stock now to. going to buy several of them as they seem to break or wear out really fast.
atleast its a $10 part.
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