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Default Volvo 740 Brake Master/line diagram


Does anyone have this? I need to know what each port on the master cylinder is routed to and where they go on the distribution block. Basically need a whole diagram of the braking system that is labeled.


p.s. this is performance mods as it is related to big brakes and bias valves
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Simon Babbs is the resident 7 series expert.

ABS car or early?

I installed a new master cyl. On my 92, but didn't touch the dist. Block; much simpler with non ABS. You might find your details on the Volvo UK 700/900 Maint pages.
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My '91 is a non ABS car. Totally missed that when I 1st checked it. Noticed immediately once I got it home. Really surprised it was not a standard feature.
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Sorry non ABS and I have upgraded currently to jumbo single line front calipers
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I did this upgrade recently, see thread " '93 Front Brakes on an '85 740."

Similar setup to yours: non-abs 4-hose front brakes (Bendix/DBA.)

Took a while to figure out, but to keep it easy let's say the two lines at each front wheel are arranged so there is an upper and a lower. Use the upper on one side, and the lower on the other, and plug the unused at the MC or junction block, wherever it snakes to. This will give you the desired configuration of equal caliper to MC cylinder ratio, i.e. the two fronts connected to one MC cylinder, the two rears connected to the other.

I used bleeders from the orig. calipers to plug the unused MC/junction block ports.

This is a troublesome error of omission in the Brickboard article (Upgrading to Jumbo brakes) that has tripped up some others as well, but unfortunately there is no way to edit the article.
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