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Default 945 kind of racecar

Hello fellow Brickers,

My Name is Dennis, i am from Germany and i bought my first Volvo about a year ago.
Please apologyse any misspelling or other strange sentence constructions since my english is far from perfect.

First i want to thank this Forum for all the valuable information. This is a massive help on my yourney with this car. I want to give somthing back and share my build and experiences with you. Since i am no mechanic or experienced car guy, please dont expect a all out crazy build. I want to make good reliable power and keep the car as daily driver.

The title of the thread is not 100% correct. My very first project in terms of gasoline powered toys is this:

I bought this 1984 Suzuki GSX400 bone stock and wanted to see what i can achieve with my limited space and knowledge. This took me 1,5 winters of wrenching in my cold garage. I was very happy with the result and wanted to step things up.

Looking around on car broker sites somehow i found this brick shaped car.
It ticked all the boxes:

-Easy and reliable tech
-Availability of parts and information
-Turbsky engine with reasonable displacement and room for more power
-Dirt Cheap
-High Sleeper potential

So i picked up one in decent shape for no money.
Next step was to buy a set of polaris wheels which raised the value of the car significant.
I just had to buy them because they are ultra rare here and the deal was fair.
Threw in springs and dampers from KAW and the visual part of the build is done for me:

I chipped the computers, raised the boost on the stock engine and had good fun with it.

Bought the turboback 3" exhaust (racecat + 2 mufflers) from JT but was not happy with it. Power gain was there but that low rpm droning in the car was horrible. Sound at high rpm/load was like a big boy. Tüv (MOT, technical control board in germany) would not be happy with it. So this had to go and was replaced by a nice stainless exhaust from RakaRör in sweden. RostfrittavgassystemVolvo940turbo

After countless hours of searching and reading i decided to build up a fresh motor and swap it in.
I picked up a B230FT squirter motor with M90 tranny (again for no money). Fortunately the M90s are steadily available here in Germany. All the manual 940s from 1995 came with it.
I rebuilt the motor in my garage with all my internet knowledge. Today i know i made some shortcuts. But for the first time things went well.
I upgraded to a 15G Turbo with conical housing and VX3 Cam.
Clutch is the TDIC clutch with dished single mass flywheel.
After two months of cleaning and rebuilding almost every part, the beauty was ready for the swap:

I have never ever done anything like a engine swap bevor, but somehow the engine fired right up and ran nice. Happy and a bit proud :-)
So time to see what we can achieve with the little 15G and LH2.4.
Turned the boost up and ran into detonation at 1,0bar.
Changed from 98octane to 102octane fuel and could raise the boost to 1,5bar as long as the air temperatures were low enough. Installed the big coolers from a late 940 and built my own meth injection kit that sits in the trunk:

Now the 1,5bar are safe and and man i love the low end torque this car makes now.
The TDIC Clutch started slipping at 1,2 bar. Replaced by strong stuff from KL-Racing.
I drove it all summer 2018 at that stage and had only minor issues with the car.
The reaction from other road users is just priceless when grandpas car accelerates.

So here we are. Summer is over and its garage time again.
Unfortunately this boost thing is addictive and the engine is right at the limit of safe operation. What do we need? More flow!
Plans were made, parts were purchased, plans changed, more parts purchased.

Now here is what we have:

-Again a spare Squirter Block with M90
-H beam rods
-Oversize Mahle Pistons
-531 Head
-38/46mm Valves
-longer springs
-big cam from sweden
-Deatschwerks 650CC injectors
-Deatschwerks DW200 intank pumpe
-A bunch of AN hose stuff for fuel, oil, venting
-Garrett GTX28

More updates in short time, need some sleep now. :-)

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