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Default B21 Kjet low idle, no power, '78 242

I've been trying to diagnose a low idle/no horsepower issue in my "new" 1978 242. When the car got here, I spent a day going over various things, installed a new battery and fuel pump relay, and it seemed ready to go. Fire it up and the idle is about 450-500 RPM. It's a solid idle with no misfires. I take it for a drive, and it seems gutless, very slow. This was confirmed when coming home. I live on a very steep hill, and I wasn't sure the car would make it up. 2nd gear, about 25 MPH, at 3K RPMS and won't rev any further.

I thought maybe a clogged cat, and it was suggested the timing gears were off. I checked timing first, TDC on compression stroke, piston closest to the front bumper, and all the gears are in the correct position.

I removed the cat, which required saws because it's a welded in aftermarket unit, and unfortunately it didn't look bad inside. The flex pipe I got as a temporary fix doesn't fit that well so I now have an exhaust leak. The results of removing the cat were it now idles at 600 RPM, and it backfires/pops on deceleration in the exhaust manifold every single time. I would think ignition timing or very rich for that little gem...Still no horsepower.

No obvious vacuum leaks or unhooked lines. Oil doesn't smell like fuel.

After some searches tonight it seems the next steps to do tomorrow are:
Check injector seals
Getting a full ignition tuneup tomorrow
Check ignition timing
Clean metering plate and idle air motor thing

What do you guys think? What is the next step?
Feedback thread https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=144924

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