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Default Can you adapt the guts of a electric speedo to a early speedo?

Hey guys, I'm planning a motor swap where i wont be able to use the speedometer cable anymore. I have a parts car that is electronic speedometer, and I'd like to adapt it over, but I don't want to swap to a newer style cluster.

So has anyone swapped the guts to the early cluster and kept the square face speedometer?

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Never mind, found this in a build thread

Originally Posted by hakno View Post
Thanks for the positive feedback!

This car has a rebuilt electrical speedo from a 1987 240 fitted in the -75-80 instrument cluster. I also managed to fit the -75-80 speedo face on to it. I am quite pleased with this solution since the car has 100% original interior, despite the engine transplant. I did buy a TCI driver to work with the VSS signal from the transmission but I went this route instead. I had to exhange one of the resistors because the speedo was only showing half the speed.

Here are some pictures if anyone want to do a similar speedo solution. Sorry about the poor picture quality.
Perhaps I should have started this thread in the "projects section"?

Old facia on the 86- speedo, did just have to make a bigger slot for the trip counter.

Prepping the neelde for paint

Backside of the cluster, could reuse the bracket for the old speedo with some careful cutting. You can also see the cables and connector for the new resitor. Easier to replace this way if I should run with another gear ratio

Finished speedo
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