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Question 240/244/245+B230FK+M90 - Need help !

Hello guys, im new to Volvo world. I got a plan to get an engine from 945 - B230FK + M90 gearbox in volvo 240,244,245. Its possible ? Do i need to change any engine mountings ? What about gearbox ?, can i have a M90 in 240 ?
I allready got a B230FK engine and M90 gearbox, but now im thinking about the shell . . . I'd like to get 240, but i don't know if its possible. . . Main plan is to get around 250-300 hp - any suggestions how to get them ?

Thanks !
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Is not a difficult job, i allready have it done to my 245, FK+M90
Use the 240 engine mounts and it will bolt on. Youll have to fab a gearbox crossmember to fit M90. I mixed up 240 crossmember with the 940´s gearbox mount housing. Youll have to enlarge transmission tube 40mm and shorten M90 linkage.Youll need to modify pedal box to run M90s hidro clutch Youll have to modify 940 downpipe. Youll have to run front distributor. Everything else is almost pluga and play.

There are lots of info for that in the forum, search for details and youll have a nice 240 when its done
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