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Default ECT Sensor and Cooling Fan

Noticed that the cooling fan on my 94 940 8V (B230F) stopped working around the same time I got a fault on the Coolant Sensor. My question...."does the coolant sensor speak to the electronic cooling fan via the main computer (ECU) or is this just a coincidence.

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if it has bosch lh2.4 then yes it does, the ECU triggers the fan. if it is a Regina car, which it probably isn't since you have a code, the sensor is in the radiator.

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for reference:
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Yep it's a regina engine. Got the fault on the sensor based a multimeter test. I figured so much, seemed too coincidental fan and sensor same time. Tested fan by connecting 2 electrical connections at passenger side of rad (it worked).

Keep getting temp gauge soring to redline then back to mid, like air locked. Top rad hose gets hot but bottom does not. Overflow tank is overheating spilling under pressure once car is heated.
Any Advice.

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