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Default BarbaDanos 240 B230FT


My name is Daan and i'm from the Netherlands.
I've had a couple of Volvo's in my life (240,440,480 turbo, 940) but always dreamed about a 240 wagon turbo with a bit more power. So when i had the change to buy a 940 turbo for cheap the project started!

Removing the junky and leaky engine.

Then the b230ft left his old place. In the 940 it was a automatic so i had to switch the transmissions. Because it never had been so easy like this to replace the clutch i fitted it with a kevlar one. Well see how the m47 will like this...

The turbo was not in a very bad state but i could let it rebuild for cheap.
When this one dies i'm gonna search for a bigger one

The donor was send to another Volvo lover

The stock 240 exhaust was rubbish and needed a good downpipe
So i made a custom 2.5" one from turbo to the back. Made a cat-remover that i can change for mot inspection. installed one Simons silencer witch makes a sweet sound. Unfortunately i dont have any pics or clips jet.

Fuelpump was pretty shot, and because i have big future plans with the 240 i've installed a Walbro 255 in the tank. Rewired the whole fuel system and it workes perfectly.

Further the 240 have some small performance upgrades like a chip,intake and turned up the boost to 14psi. Runs pretty good.
First i'm gonna drive like this and wanna make some suspension and brake upgrades. Also i want to swap the transmission for something stronger before making some real power.
It is not my daily driver but i wanted to be reliable...like a Volvo...

The looks needed some upgrades to, so i bought some good lowering springs, smoked the insde of the headlights and swapped the sloppy steeringwheel for a QSP one.

The old steelies needed to go so i found some 940 rims. I didnt like the white colour so i thought "let's do something crazy" .......hated or love it....

Future plans:
- PU bushings
- shocks upgrade (koni, bilstein)
- transmission swap
- bigger injectors
- bigger turbo
- stand alone
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good continuation man!
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Old 06-20-2017, 04:14 PM   #3
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My el cheapo boostcontroller was not so controllable any more so i bought a new and beter one.

My rear axle gave me a weird feeling when stopping on the gas, so when i took a look under the car i saw that both bushes on each side were junk. Because at the moment i dont have the time to swap all bushing for PU ones and besides it's summer and i just want to cruise more and fix less, i choose to replace only this one for Powerflex at this moment.

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Sam b
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You have inspired me to at least plastidip my hydras. Those look clean. Maybe they will look good on a 740
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Old 07-10-2017, 10:43 PM   #5
Old Iron
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Nice build! I like seeing the silver wagon with the all black trim, I was thinking of swapping someone onto my silver 1991 245 Old Iron.

Not sure if I love it!
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