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Default LH 3.1 to 2.4 switch figured out, but need advice.

Stopped by the local Volvo service center which turns out to only be a mile away, guess I moved to the right place.

3.1 conversion to 2.4
pin 1 at the meter comes from pin 2, same color wire
pin 2 " " pin 1, " "
pin 3 " " pin 4, " "
pin 4 has to be made, this goes to pin 8 at the ecu
pin 5 at the meter comes from pin 3, " "
This wires up the amm and has it ready to go.

pin 1 on 3.1 is the same as pin 18 on 2.4
pin 2 on 3.1 is pin 3 on 2.4 it is pulled from pin 10 on the ecu and is rewired to pin 3, this is empty on my car so it should be easy to switch
pin 3 on 3.1 goes directly to ecu pin 2, this gets pulled and goes directly to ezk pin 7, ezk pin 7 has to then be pulled from ecu pin 8 and goes to ecu pin 2.
In all three pins the wire color is the same, the only variation is ezk pin 7 to ecu pin 8 is yellow and not yellow white.

A comparison of all other wires attaced to the ecu seems to produce no other differences. Hopefully this will be useful to anyone wanting to run a turbo who's been screwed with 3.1.

Only question: is there a good way to pull the connections out of the ecu plug so they can be installed into their new slots, or should the metal get too damaged in the removal process can new metal pieces be sourced somewhere that will fit in?

Hope this helps someone, with any luck my ecu and ezk will arrive within a week and I already have an amm and tps so this will be attempted really soon, documented and the specifics noted here.
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