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Originally Posted by culberro View Post
Do you run your car very low? I’ve had a lot of issues with the 1-piece smashing into the tunnel.
its pretty low. Kaplhenke everything on the car. The driveshaft was hitting the seatbelt bolts. I bought shorter bolts, problem solved.
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4 bar FPR from the old dodge turbos
No. 1/4 inch return is bad for high volume. I use a stock Volvo regulator, it has a 5/16 return, to make 367whp.
85 GLH 367whp
00 Insight mpg > yours.
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If you're worried about cooking your turbo how about water injection in front of the turbo inlet? You're lucky to have E85 so injecting before the throttle body is probably unnecessary.
I know water (/meth) injection is considered a band aid here, but it has it's good points & if you're building up an engine from scratch you can build it to take advantage of them.
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Originally Posted by Harlard View Post
Hmmm. You wouldn't happen to have a datalog file of a 3rd or 4th gear pull to redline, would you?
Possibly. I haven't fired up the tuning laptop in a year and a hlf or so (lol, on jackstands getting LS'ed).

I'll try to remember to power it up and look tonight.
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