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Post 850 Keyless Entry in a 240 DIY

Just completed this swap and figured I would post a DIY for this particular setup.

I used these two posts to make it happen. But for people like me I could use pictures of this swap.

850 Keyless Entry in a 740:

Generic Keyless Entry in a 240:

WHY: I wanted to have a volvo fob

Parts List:

CWT5654R Keyless Entry Brain (Found in a 93-95 850, take out the glovebox and look to right below the A pilar) take as much of the wiring harness as you can get.

CWT5653T Fob (Bought 3 of these off ebay for $7 each with new batteries)

9148481 Central Locking Relay (Found up under the dash by the driver front wheel well in a block of other relays) I tried a bunch of relays from JY cars and only this one worked for me. It was pulled from a 97 850

Volvo 240 passenger front lock solenoid (Make sure to grab the brass mounting bracker, brass rod and the black metal retainer clip) I also took the wiring (blue and yellow) all the way back to the 240 central locking relays.

Make sure the Negative terminal on the battery is disconnected during the install!

Install the passenger door lock solenoid into the drivers door.

You must flip the brass bracket to the other side of the solenoid.
install the brass rod and retainer clip onto the driver side door lock rod like so:

then take the all the door solenoid wiring and run it through the door jamb gasket with the rest of the wiring.

When you get to car body side of the door gasket push the blue and yellow wires one at a time up through a small hole in the body of the car so that the pop out above the fuse block panel. Continue the run the wiring to where the rear door solenoid harness clips into the 240 central locking relay. I attached my driver side harness to the clips of the rear door harness to avoid having to splice and solder a connection. like so :

ignore that my wiring is flipped backwards. It should be blue to blue and yellow to yellow.

At this point I wired my 9148481 850 central locking relay to my 850 Keyless Entry Brain.

The keyless entry control module/receiver has four wires coming from it.
Red: 12V at all times
Black: ground
Green/yellow: signal wire to locking relay that controls lock/unlock cycle (relay terminal ATR)
Yellow/violet: 12V with key in ignition

The central locking relay has a legend on it that shows what each post does.
ATR: green/yellow signal wire from control module/receiver
31: ground
M+: red wire (Lock)
M-: green wire (Unlock)
30: 12V at all times (Fuse 8)
15: 12V with key in ignition (Fuse 12)

The lock/unlock wires (M+/M- from the relay) I also attached the wires to this terminals so I wouldn't have to the cut and splice the original wiring

Ignore the bare wires, I did actually pull the terminal out of the clip and attach it with the existing wiring. this was during then I was testing it.

Ignore the bare wires I attached proper clips, this was just when I test wired things up to make sure it worked.

Now if you got the fobs off ebay like I did you'll have the program them using this method.

-Switch on the ignition to positions II 5 times within the space of 10 seconds, and leave the ignition on the 5th time.
-Within 30 seconds, press either the "LOCK" or "UNLOCK" button once on the transmitter. All the transmitters must be reprogrammed within 30 seconds.
-Switch off the ignition.
-Check that each of the transmitters functions properly.

I mounted the 850 central locking relay up in my dash by the fuel pump relay, and mounted 850 keyless entry brain behind the 240 central locking relays. Basically right under the dash speaker cover.

Hopes this helps someone!

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