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Originally Posted by Mbeas96 View Post
I'm very close to going thru with the wasted spark install. I have the bosch 2x2 coil and miata power stage, im a few days away from ordering the wasted spark board.

A few questions first,
I deleted my last post on here because I see it was answered earlier, but just to be sure...
Using a gold chippable ezk with a custom chip installed should not have any adverse effects, correct? I have access to a ezk that does not have the daughter chip, but I would like to keep the option to adjust/have other people adjust my ezk tune.

Plus, while helping with my brothers install, he used 18 gauge IIRC (tho it might have been 16) on the board to ezk connections and it would of been a lot easier if we went with a smaller wire. These are just signal wires right? So what's the smallest wire one could use, like 22 gauge?

Then, wires that go from the wasted spark board to the power stage and from power stage to coil? I would guess bigger gauge for those, but I'm no expert in wires.

Any help is appreciated!
I used 20 awg, it's perfect. I also used 20 awg for the rest
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For the wires within the EZK box, almost anything is big enough. Ask your office computer support person for a bad Ethernet patch cable, or a couple feet of stranded cat5 cable, pull the inner wires out and you'll have plenty of easy-to-work-with 24ga wire. For the power stage to coil, 18ga is ok.

And yes, wasted spark with or without chipping the box is OK.
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Awesome, I picked up some 20 gauge the other day, and I have 18 laying around. I have the board now as well, the only thing holding me back is mounting location...
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