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Great attention to detail, these are the fun things that will make the big difference overall, small details add up big.
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Originally Posted by Vol242vo View Post
Great attention to detail, these are the fun things that will make the big difference overall, small details add up big.

I finally had some time to finish up the front end project.

The brass tumbler seemed to be working well on the hardware, but I only let it run for about 6 hours. A full day in the walnut shells would have made more of a difference.

Actually remembered to take a shot while I was working.

No glamour shots, but at least proof that I got something done.

Next issue that popped up was that the intermittent high beam issue was becoming more of an issue. I assumed it was the step relay, so I swapped it with one out of my 82. No luck.

I bench tested both relays using info from Dave Bartons page and both seemed to be in good order.

When the turn signal stalk was pulled forward, you could hear the relay clicking under the hood, but no change in the lights. Shooting a ground to the correct pin on the relay would switch the lights back and forth. A forum member suggested using a test light instead of the Power Probe which finally yielded the issue. When the stalk was pulled, the test light barely illuminated leading me to realize that it was a ground issue. I tested all the ground from the battery to the steering column and all were around .3 ohms. When I tested the ground wire from the turn signal switch to the relay, it was over 60 ohms. I jumpered a ground to the pin on the switch and the lights switched fine. I pulled the turn signal switch and cleaned it and was able to get the resistance down to around 20 ohms consistently. I reinstalled the switch, and now they work fine. Apparently the switch was sending enough of a ground to the relay to make it try to switch over, but not enough to lock in.

the brown wire is the ground signal to the relay.
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