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Default M46 clutch parts

I'm swapping in an M46 from AW70- What should I be replacing for clutch parts?

I have a LH2.2 flat flywheel, naked fork, 8.5in disc, clip on T/O bearing.

On the list so far:
-Clutch kit (IPD & FCP don't have descriptions for their kits, and I'm not 100% sure what this transmission came out of..anyone know which clutch kit will work with my setup/want to sell me stuff?)
-Clutch fork pivot retainer/spring
-Clutch cable trans mount bushing
-Clutch cable end bushing and washer
-Clutch cable return spring(Where does the other end attach to?)
-Rear main seal
-Pilot bearing
-Manual overdrive relay

What am i missing, anything?

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Definitely wanna get a loop of wire to bypass the neutral safety switch.
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