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Default Volvo 240 intermittent brake issue

I have a 1990 Volvo 240 wagon that has an intermittent brake issue. About 2 years ago I had the brakes mostly redone, rotors, calipers and pads all around. I had the repair done in Boston, I live in New York City (not so smart). Anyway, ever since that break job once and a while while driving for a longer distance when I need to stop on the expressway the break failure light goes on and the breaks do not engage well (they kind of work.) Driving in the city, again the breaks will be fine. I don't drive the car often enough and damaged the rotors again over the past couple of years. Just had the brakes done again, this time rotors and pads. I was driving on the parkway today and after 20 miles again mushy breaks and the brake failure light comes one. I'll take the car back to the shop that did the breaks, but since the breaks work in town, any suggestions as to what the problem might be would be appreciated. I would guess the mechanic is not going to want to drive the car for 30 minutes on an expressway to experience the issue.
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Driving in the city . . .
. . . after a cool down

My daily flash of adequacy would say that you have a caliper that is seizing up and with a long drive heating the brake fluid to its boiling point. You therefore have gas in the system. Never gets hot enough in local driving.

Do you have a pad or wheel that is demonstrating wear more than the others? Maybe more than one.

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If it is one of the front calipers, when it gets hot enough both circuits will boil, and then the brakes will fail completely as you hit the toll booth or exit ramp. Very dangerous.
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I seem to recall reading that the passenger side rear caliper seems to seize/stick more frequently than the others. That's what I found on my 240
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