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Default 91 240 (GM Style) AC Clutch Gap


As my little project nears mechanical completion, I am hoping to get the AC running so I can drive in the summer. At first I thought I had a refrigerant leak, as I could get it running in the garage but after a drive or two the AC would cut off. Now I suspect that the AC clutch is worn, and causing it to cut off when the car is hot. Does anyone have the gap spec? (My service book basically says DIY's should not work on AC) Is there another way to test this theory?

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Even if it's slipping a little it should cool a bit. The gap is set by washer thickness behind the plate. 100% sure you have a leak somewhere unless all deals have been replaced, and also might have a weak clutch
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I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. The compressor isn't going to run if you don't have an adequate charge. I don't know much about the newer systems, but you should be able to quickly test the clutch by turning the AC on and jumping the pressure switch. If it kicks on you have a leak to fix.
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