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Default C30 seats in a 242?

I’m starting to look at different options for seats in my 242. I have access to a wrecked c30 with good seats. Have c30 seats ever been put into a 242? I’m not really trying to retain any of the electronic positioning controls, I mainly just need seats that I can fold forward easily. Im just looking for a little guidance here. Does anyone think I should not attempt to put these in? Has anyone tried? I appreciate any feedback, thanks.

EDIT: I just found pictures of buchkas 242 build with 2 piece custom Gemini’s and black c30 seats.... so I guess my original question has been answered.

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20200505_180649 by V G, Flickr에서

See my 242 thread for more details. straight forward enough http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=354677
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I bought those seats from Alex when he upgraded to Recaros. Turns out they fit in a 245 too

by Chris Floren, on Flickr

by Chris Floren, on Flickr
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Here's some manual ones, you didn't specify. Electric ones would probably be easier to make brackets for.
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