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Default Yet another wiring to fuel pump issue on a 84 240

Bear with me...this car a 5.0 swap in it to make things more confusing. It did run at one point, I believe a year or so ago.

Im getting zero fuel at the rail I know this much so far. Im starting with testing the in tank fuel pump wires as ill be replacing it after I actually get voltage to the connector.

Im reading up on http://cleanflametrap.com/transferPump.htm and I was wondering if anyone had any info on the relay or relay's in my car that run the pumps? Such as what terminals I should be getting 12 volts to?

Going by this picture i'm not getting any voltage on the black wire I should be. Although I cant remember now if there was a Yellow/Red wire on my connector...

Either way im hunting around for any wiring diagrams I can find on the path of the fuel pump wires if anyone has a link or photo id greatly appreciate it I didnt dig into the fuse panel yet either, which I will check first before ripping apart the dash to find the relays.
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