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Default turns over, won't start, hose connections

1993 240/244 2.4lh

Sorry.... I know I could probably find these eventually, but I have been looking for hours now and still can't seem to get the right answers or photos. I took this whole thing a apart, but didn't keep things photographed or marked well enough. (I've learned my lessons.) It turns over but won't start and I am trying to rule out any of these problems. It's throwing 123 and 224 codes - Coolant temperature sensor.

In Photo #1 - I got a little crazy with the powder coating. Are these rails for grounding or just to hold things?

In photo # 2 - To what does the hose off the flame trap nipple connect to?

Photo # 3 - To what does the brake booster vacuum hose connect to? Everything I read says the intake manifold, but I am not seeing the (elbow?) connection it looks like it connects to? Where on the intake manifold should it be?

Photo # 4 Maybe this one has already been answered by one of the others, but what is this nipple for? What is supposed to connect to it?
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1) the rail is just for mounting things, but there may be nearby ring terminals that get screwed down to the body. If the screw is uncoated, it should still make an OK connection. You could test the resistance (engine off) of ring terminal to battery - post.

There are a couple critical ground wires that go to the front & back of the intake manifold. Make sure they're in place and have ~0ohms to battery - post. Also check that the woven ground strap from back of valve cover to bulkhead is in place.

2) flame trap nipple goes to intake air box (or turbo intake elbow on turbo cars)

3) reach around the back of the intake manifold, behind the throttle body, and you'll find a big nipple for the brake booster.
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Thanks bobxyz. I had taken out the brake booster nipple when i cleaned and painted the intake. Thats why i coukdnt find it.
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