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Default 1984 245 GLT Turbo Intercooled

This is a rare wagon, right? I have found one, not seen any pics yet though. The guy says it hasn't been wrecked, but the hood is no good and there is rust. He wants $400. I should probably try to grab it up? I've been really looking hard for a good clean shell for my B230FT project, but I think this one would be worth more as is to a collector? Even if it's too rusted to save I could def use the M46, intercooler setup, and swaybars for the FT project, although I would feel bad about dismantling a rare classic like that.
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It's the last and best they got. That being said unless you are a smitten volvo collector it seems they don't mean much to anyone. They are a slightly less grandma wagon with a bunch of the better production parts on there. There are a lot of good parts used on those cars.

They have the known engine wiring harness issues and kjet for engine management. So if you are comfortable with that and the car is solid enough. I'd want it for that turbobricks price. I still have two kjet turbos and a sorted out kjet turbo is a fun car. Escpecially with the boost more like 10-11psi. Or dispense with all the kjet and it's bad wiring and put a LH2.4 B230ft in there. These cars are a good base for a refurb or restoration since they have a lot of nicer parts stock.
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Get it, even if it's just for parts. Can't go wrong, unless you're going to do the rust repair, then it's not worth fixing up.
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The 1984.5 cars are the second to last of the mohicans, 240T-wise. The last were the 1985 cars, but those were only made for about 1/3 of a year and are slightly changed 1984.5 cars.


- 1985 uses the later 240 fuse block configuration with the door chime wired directly to the ignition switch, instead of being fused as it was on the older cars.
- 1985 has rear fog lamps.
- 1985 saw deletion of the H/C and F/E markings from the temp/fuel gauges.
- OD light changed to a "5" on the 1985 cluster; OD OFF light changed to the up arrow.
- Turbo light deleted from the final 1985 turbo cars - essentially they just got GL model clusters.
- Overdrive wiring is the 1985-86 setup with the red OD relay and bullet connectors at the tranny tunnel on M46 cars and the 1985-93 setup with white relay on most Aw71 turbos. Some of the early 1985 cars did somehow wind up with the orange relay and older harness.
- Door chime is quieter, instead of the deafening loud version used on late 1983 and all 1984 cars.
- More color choices, redwood metallic reappeared, topaz blue metallic was introduced, black metallic was replaced by dark gray metallic.
- Leather feels softer and has a shiny finish to it, instead of the satin finish with a tougher-feeling hide used on the older cars.
- Parking brake console changed from early style without seat heater cutouts to 1986 style, but with blanks installed, sometime in September-October 1984.
- M46 received a different release fork with the clip-in bearing.
- Driver's seat heater received a cutout switch on the dash for 1985. Previously, it was controlled by the thermostat inside the seat cushion.

Otherwise, the cars are pretty much identical. A 1984.5 B21FT engine is the same engine as the one used in the 1985 car, right down to the part number. I've done most of the updates on my 245Ti, so it has pretty much become a very early 1985 245Ti, spec-wise. I don't have the dog dish flywheel by choice - prefer the flat one, I also am using the 1979-80 overdrive wiring. My 1984-85 CPR was funky, so I'm running a 1981-83 "079" CPR instead.

1982 242Ti - black, M46. 1985 245Ti - blue, M46.

@1982_volvo_242_turbo on IG
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