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Default '85 B230F fuel cut in 1st gear

I did a bunch of maintenance to the car over the past few months and now im having an issue with what feels like fuel cutting out in 1st gear. I've noticed that as I take off in 1st gear and rev quick through first gear fuel seems to cut at about 2500-3000 RPM. I can press the gas pedal all I want but the car doesn't respond until the RPM gets down to normal idle and then the car snaps back and drives just fine. It will only do this the first time I take off after starting the car. I've driven through town for 30 mins hitting every red light and it doesn't cut out, only when I first start the car.

I painted the intake manifold, valve cover, and fuel rail while I had everything apart. I've gone through and cleaned the ground points to bare metal, but the issue persists.

One thing I've noticed that I don't remember happening before is if I blip the throttle quickly at idle the car seems to want to bog down for a second or two before catching up with itself and reving normally. If I ease into the throttle there's no problem.

Maintenance Done:
Cleaned MAF (a few months prior to the below maintenance)
Timing belt
All front seals
Dist Cap and rotor
Trans fluid
Diff fluid
Coolant flush
Set timing to ~14 degrees advanced

I will be getting a fuel pressure tester from a friend some time this week or next.

Any thoughts?
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Wait a second. Safety on turbobricks?
You're concerned about safety?!?!?
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Originally Posted by lunchb0x View Post
...fuel pressure test..
When running in open loop, whatever fuel parameters are in ECU will be used.

So, either FPR is slightly bypassing fuel back to tank, or main fuel pump is weak.

Myself, I'd buy a new FPR, if there is an old one there.
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