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Default buyautoparts AC compressor?

anyone have any experience with the cheap AC compressors sold thought amazon?


yest, i understand the obvious reasons why its "probably" a bad idea, was wondering if anyone has actual experience with them. Since they are half the price of the non-volvo ones on FCP, i figured it was being marketed right at members of this forum.
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I bought one from ac kits and it was just a hair under $200 shipped, and works fine. You’ll be okay with an aftermarket, but maybe see if you can find a four seasons unit?
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Be Careful with those cheap Chinese "New Compressors". A customer had one put on his 960, it came apart internally and filled the whole system with metal shavings. The compressor was only about 8 months old. Had to replace the condenser and various other components due to the failure. There was plenty of oil in the system.
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Mr. V
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I bought one from them a year ago for our 940 Turbo.

Their customer service was fine, but they shipped me the wrong compressor initially; I returned it and they sent me the correct one and it seems to have worked OK.

The problem:

My original compressor has two hose fitting that are perpendicular to the housing, they went straight up. The one BAP initially sold me was different, the fittings were angled about 20 or 30 degrees off of perpendicular. My AC metal hose did not bend and will only work with straight up fittings, and could not be attached due to the fact that the fittings won't mate up.

We sorted it out; I would buy from them again.
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I used to work there (for about 6 years in the marketplaces dept), it is most likely a four seasons unit. BuyAutoParts does a lot of drop shipping, and four seasons was one of our bigger sources. We sold decent stuff, if any item started to show poor quality (lots of complaints or returns) we would just stop selling it (especially on Amazon). Also Amazons is pretty strict with returns and stuff, so only our best stuff would be listed on there, to avoid hurting our account and having to pay higher fees.
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