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Default Spare salvage yard parts for the next 10 years

Let's say that I want to hold on to my '85 wagon for at least the next 10 years.

A couple years ago, there were a good number of 240s that came through the closest salvage yard, but it's really starting to dry up in the last year. Roughly 28 240s/year 2 years ago, 33 240s/year a year ago, and only 14 240s/year in the last year. There's still a few 940s, and an occasional 740, that show up.

What are the recommendations on spare parts that should I acquire now from the local salvage yards, or from the under-appreciated sellers in For Sale? I assume that the normal maintenance stuff will continue to be available (filters, plugs, wires, hoses, etc.).

Is one extra MAF, ignition module, ecu, ezk, etc. enough, or should I double down on some of these while they're more available?

'85 245glt b21ft aw71 k-jet -> lh2.4
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Basically anything that isn't the shell at this point.

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Originally Posted by t8fanning View Post
My knob has a big chunk of steel on it
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Raise The Lowered

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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
Folks on here don't know a good deal when they see it.
how psi stock cna support?

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Originally Posted by bobxyz View Post
Is one extra MAF, ignition module, ecu, ezk, etc. enough, or should I double down on some of these while they're more available?...
My opinion for you, Bob, is engine management electronics will not end your relationship with your 240. You could whip up a replacement from scratch. But what lurks in the back of my mind is how long it would take to find, say a piece of wagon side glass, or rubber trim, if it were not for this and other on-line communities of enthusiasts.
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In ten years the DMV will have taken my license.
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Mafs are something good to grab. ECU & EZK boxes. Any turbo parts(manifold, intercooler & piping).
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Old 06-08-2019, 09:29 AM   #7
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I'd say have at least one spare set of door parts. Door handles, glass, regulators, latches and locks, especially if they're powered.
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Old 06-08-2019, 10:56 AM   #8
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Everything. Clips, panels, trim, windshield wiper arms, bumper covers, anything that isn't rusted.

Spare ECU (inside), ECM (engine compartment), door handles, alternator (if Bosch). Emblems, badges.
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Just buy another parts car and store it. By the time you need anything from it all the rubber will be rubbish and hopefully the parts will still be usable, not rusted or just gave up from heat and humidity.
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It's dry here in Southern California now too. I went this weekend and there wasn't a single 7 or 9 in there. I can't even get a sun visor for my car!

Here is how one day looked in 2010:

No Start Thread

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That stuff dried up here well over ten years ago. Especially when cash for clunkers kicked in. Having a hoard from parting out cars really helps. I would second the suggestion that you stash stuff that is wagon only like a tailgate, side glass, tail lights. Also good to have some struts and suspension parts around.

One other thing mentioned was fasteners. I would stash every clip and bolt that you can. Because while some of the hardware and bolt sizes are available online but you won't find them locally.
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K-Jet parts (you may have to take a gamble and clean/rebuild stuff yourself - looks like the fuel distributor rebuild kits are still available - I have a spare fuel distributor for each car and a couple sets of lines, plus a few injectors)
Relays, especially the Striebel fuel pump relays, instead of the Kaehler ones that don't seem to work well
Overdrive switches and pattern caps for those of us with M46 transmissions
Interior trim clips, plugs (like the armrest plugs, etc), lock knob trim rings
Sunvisor clips - either the early type that don't fail, or order a few new clips from whichever dealer has the best price online
Power window switch bezels (only one NLA right now is the passenger front, the rest are available)
Gauge bezels and rubber gauge grippers, since you can get them new for very cheap at this time
Dash switches and turn signal, plus wiper stalks
Spare speedometers with good odometer gears, maybe a spare complete cluster for when/if the contact pins on the board go bad
Cruise control speed sensors - they get fried if someone connects the wires on them incorrectly
Headlamp switches
Power mirror joysticks
Any good interior plastics - luckily, black is easier to find in good condition, even into the post-1987 era
Dome lights
Glovebox locks - grab them even if you can't find the key - pre-1986 240s only have something like 250 key code combinations for the glovebox and trunk locks, so it is possible to find locks that match an exisiting key.
I'd try to find a good set of Cibie taillamps and turn signals, plus another pair of headlamp doors and maybe grab the buckets as well, especially since the early 260 and 1978-80 244/245 stuff is getting scarce.
Any bumper trim, good condition beltline mouldings, scraper seal holders (Ken, you still selling the scraper seal rubbers, right?)
Intake boot support spiders - order from Volvo, only about $6.00, plus shipping (or tax if you buy through a local dealer)

Plus grab whatever rare stuff you see in the yards. Also, the aforementioned hardware...

I also recommend downloading the GCP parts catalogs, since they will come in handy when dealing with dealers that say something's NLA when, if you give them the part number, it pops up as being available.

Go by your local ACE hardware and get a few storage boxes.

My light bulb and socket box. There's one that contains switches and relays, plus gauge parts, like odometer gears, gauge brackets, the aforementioned rubber grippers. Another contains miscellaneous interior and exterior trim pieces, screws, locks, etc. I also have one that contains underhood parts, like seals, FI parts, gaskets, and other items needed for the engine/tranny.

1982 242Ti - black, M46. 1985 245Ti - blue, M46.

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Thanks for the storage box idea. I've got a similar parts cache but stored in diverse locations, which can make it frustrating because it's often hard to find something I know I have. Great way to get it all organized.
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