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Default Heated Mirror Replacement

I thought I'd make a couple of comments after replacement of my heated mirrors.
1994 940 Base Model

I guess the rear window heater and mirrors are like electric blankets. The resistance of the heating element slowly increases until you don't get any heating. AAA Auto has nice replacement mirrors with the proper rubber seals and correct electrical plug. The fit great. Mirror heaters should measure around 15 ohms.

Since I'm working with an older car, breaking stuff is a fact of life. There are a couple of trouble spots.
-Be careful to remove the red clip-in lens on the courtesy light. It actually doubles as a door panel clip!
-If you can wiggle the electrical window switch panel without removing the carpet panel just below the window, do that. Otherwise careully pry out the carpet/plastic panel. The upholstery clips will probably break, but fabricating generic clips for re-assembly isn't too hard.
-Ideally the speaker grille should move forward to release 2 clips at the front. They goofed on this setup and one of the plastic studs under the grille is too short causing the plastic clip on the grille to break. Repair is almost impossible. Instead, dremel out the remaining parts of the clips inside the grille. Glue in a small strip of material (s) that will place it at the same height as the grille and use double-stick foam tape to keep the whole thing in place against the door panel.
-Finally, there is a triangular trim panel at the inside front corner of the window. There are 2 plastic push studs that are nearly impossible to remove without breaking them. At least one of the studs will break off. I had excellent luck re-gluing the broken studs with some fresh ABS plastic cement. Let it harden 24 hours. That cement works like a charm on all the ABS plastic parts that crack or break.

-The mirrors, once installed, will get warm to the touch after only 10 seconds or so. Good luck!

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One extra thing that happened right after doing the mirror replacement was that the central locking system stopped working. In other words, working the drivers side lock from the key or manually from inside did not activate the other door locks. Since this problem came up immediately after mirror replacement it seems obvious that I screwed up somehow with the central lock wiring.

The truth is that the driver's lock "sensor" signal was not getting to the relay panel. The sensor goes to the relay panel via 3 wires. The plug for those 3 wires is directly underneath the hand hold/window switch panel and corrosion had set inside the plug, opening up one or more connections. Cleaning up the contacts and using some electrical grease solved the problem. How many of us have left the window open in the rain? That's why the plug got wet. Strange how it chose just that moment when I was fixing something else to fail. I really hate these automotive plugs that have 2 long opposing ears that must be pulled away slightly to separate the plug. I'm sure there is a special tool for this, besides just breaking off one of the ears.

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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post

I guess the rear window heater and mirrors are like electric blankets. ...
This I loved to hear. Last blanket I bought got an ohmmeter check brand new, and once a season thereafter to prove what my senses were telling me.

Sorry, that was off-topic. Last time I had a 940 door card off I took a bunch of pics to keep what I learned about what I broke in case I ever had to again. That was 18 years ago. Next time was in the salvage yard for no other reason than to see if I could do it. Not a 940 fan.
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