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Default Stock 1992 940T seeks upgrades...

I've finally gotten another 940Turbo Sedan and I'm pretty happy driving it. Of course, more power = more fun, but I'm not willing to sacrifice reliability nor be uncomfortable so I'm trying to avoid the whole "because racecar" scenario. I've been reading around here a bunch and I see that the basic staged performance upgrade suggestions seem to be to start with a MBC and then move on to 3" downpipe and bigger (2.5" or 3") exhaust.

Am I correct so far?

While researching the MBC, I see that it is suggested that I get a calibrated boost gauge as well. While digging around, I came across some Electronic Boost Controllers and I'm pretty sure that I'd like to go in that direction. Honestly, I'm 50 years old and I like the idea of mounting a turbosmart eBoost street above my ashtray since it would be rather discreet, allow me to adjust my boost very easily, and even give me the added bonus of a running a second program at the touch of a button. I'm figuring that I probably wouldn't need a calibrated boost gauge with a EBC as well.

I'm having some problems finding a 3" downpipe. Of course, if possible, I'd consider getting a Stainless Steel 3" downpipe! But, let's focus on finding any 3" downpipe first and then take it from there. I've PM'd a TB member who I thought sold them (along with other performance bits) but I haven't gotten a reply even after the second PM. So, I figured that I'd ask here.

Lastly, the rest of the exhaust system. IPD doesn't sell bigger exhausts (or not anymore at least) and I'm not sure the quality of other ones that I've found. At this point I'm considering an OBX Stainless Steel system from Ebay for about $450 shipped. Again, I'm 50 years old and really not looking forward to something that is prohibitively loud (yes, I know that is all subjective). Simply put, if my girlfriend thinks it is too loud, it could be a problem (Please note: For what it is worth, I replaced the exhaust on her G35x with an aftermarket system and after a few weeks she was fine with it).

At this point I figured that I'd come out of lurking and ask you guys what you're thoughts are (yes, a shudder just went down my spine ) and what you guys are using, how you like it, and where did you buy it?

Thanks in advance for any helpful or funny replies!

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For sure on the right track with your mods, Eboost controller will be neat, 3" downpipe will most likely be a custom job or TLAO if you can get a hold of him.

The exhaust also may be a custom jobber depending on what you want to do with it.

Get a boost gauge, a wideband, make sure the car is in good shape, turn up the wick to 13/14 PSI, have fun!

These motors take boost very well, you will be surprised how quickly the power will come in with a 3" DP and a boost controller.

Good luck!
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If "more power" is your objective, it's hard to beat a simple stage 0 on the car, MBC (I use the Hallman) and 10~14 psi boost will really help the 9 series move along. No real source of 3 inch DPs left, as realistically the youngest of these are 22 years old now in the States, that "horse has left the gate".

I'm not really certain the 3" DP is necessary for the first round of power adders.... I ran the stock DP (63mm I believe) for the last 5 years at 16psi without issue. I use the TME stainless cat back exhaust, also long out of production.... it sounds good to my old ears. My son had the eBay setup on his 745 and it also sounded good. You could consider a set of chips for the increased boost level and slightly larger injectors. This is a slippery slope, I'm warning you......
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Thanks for the replies!

I'll keep checking back every now and then for the 3" downpipe, with any luck I'll get through to TLAO, but something tells me that if he had some, I would have heard back already...

I'm not against a custom job exhaust. But, I fear the ability of local guys, the cost of someone local who has the skill I'm hoping for, and the absolute unknown outcome. If I ask for semi quiet (just looking for 'reasonable') will he hamper it? In the end would it sound just as loud, cost more, and perform worse than something available retail? There are a lot of variables if I go that route which is why I figured I'd ask if someone here has experience with what is available retail right now. DET17: Can you ask your son which ebay exhaust he has? Could it be the OBX one I linked to? Would you say it sounds about as loud as your TME?

I totally get the slippery slope issue. I figure that my wallet / income will be the limiting factor. At this point, if I get some good results from these (2) modifications I'll reconsider doing more and I understand that I will likely be up against the law of diminishing returns sooner rather than later (having done the 'most bang for your buck' stuff first).

I was thinking about starting a group buy thread to see if anyone else / how many others would want a 3" downpipe. That would give me an idea if it would be worth buying a limited run of these and hopefully making it worth it for someone to produce 5 or 10 of them at a reasonable price.

BTW: DET17 have you seen 'A man called Ove'? I think you'd like it, I know that my girlfriend and I liked it (for *some* of the same reasons).
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Pretty sure my son had the twin tail pipe tip OBX on his 745.... sounded sweeter until he put the CAT back on the car, and then went noticeably quieter than before. My TME setup sings sweetly with a CAT installed; the Swedes nailed it and found perfect exhaust note with the 4 banger.

If you search, there was someone that threatened a group buy on DPs about 6 months to a year ago. I spend very little time studying GB's so perhaps it actually happened? I can't say.

You are the 2nd person that referred me to that movie, and the SAAB references.
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Wilford Brimley
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It's a damn slippery slope, especially if to have a some extra dollars to throw around yeah boost gauge and mbc....you'd be amazed at much faster these cars are simply at upped boost and exhaust

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I've got a real issue with you Wilford
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