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The 588 in my car is locked with both wheels in the air, just like in your description. It is the high-preload version, so that wasn't unexpected.

As far as the video applying power with one wheel in the air and the front wheels blocked, it looks like it is trying to do what the high-preload version is supposed to, apply the power to the wheel on the ground with traction. From what I've seen/heard the low preload ones will usually spin the wheel in the air, and you have to apply the brakes some to get it to transfer power to the wheel on the ground.

Heres what their literature says about lube;
"Detroit Truetrac:
High quality mineral gear lubes are required for use in Detroit Truetrac differentials. Regardless of the lube type, always use a GL5 rated lube with the least amount of friction modifier. Mineral lubes lacking friction modifiers (limited-slip additives) were historically recommended for all Truetrac applications because friction modifiers can slightly reduce the bias ratio (limited-slip aggressiveness) of Truetrac differentials. However, to address the continually increasing power outputs of modern powertrains, many vehicle manufacturers have switched to synthetic lubricants as a counter measure for increased axle temperatures and prolonged service intervals. In general, consult the vehicle owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendations for lubrication type, weight and fill volume. This will ensure lube compatibility with the seal materials and bearings used in the axle. Eaton Performance technical support is available for any concerns in lube selection."

I used some Castrol non-synthetic 80w-90, I felt a little binding/vibration around the first one or two turns and haven't heard or felt anything noticeable after that.
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