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Default Stuck seatbelt & possible solution

Driver's seat belt kept getting stuck and would only come out an inch at a time.

I pulled the mechanism and saw that the locking tab of the inertial lock mechanism was sticking out too much and locking the belt even if the car was at rest on a flat. I bent it back the minimum amount to stop it from seizing but not sure how much I should trust it at this point. Definitely don't want it to fail when I need it but it sorta looks like the main stopping mechanism in case of a crash would be the one that locks up when you try pulling the belt out too fast rather than the inertia lock, given how flimsy the latter looks? Leaving this here in case someone has the same problem, but would appreciate any input

edit: replaced the seat belt with a working one from a different car, thank for the input

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Originally Posted by samtg View Post
but would appreciate any input
Go to the junkyard and get one that works.

Seat belts aren't something you should be taking chances with imo.
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how psi stock cna support?

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My seatbelts have needed work twice - driver's side needed lubrication, passenger side had a piece of plastic from the B-pillar lodged in the reel. Both problems were solved without taking it apart or bending anything. If I had to do that I would probably replace.

Side note - Did your belt mechanism have the 3-point security screws on it? Mine was definitely "tamper proofed" but may have been a later design.
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