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Default Project "BFI" - 965 B6304 +t

*** Warning best practice aficionados look away! ***

BFI for Bad Freakin' Idea

After a decent amount of reading and searching, I'm going to (lightly) boost the B6304 in my '97 960 wagon and see what the outcome is. Initially with stock ECU (Motronic 4.4) until I arrive at a point that I have to pull timing on "premium" pump gas, or "something else" happens :D

Objective is to have a tractable daily driver that doesn't require a calendar appt to merge on the freeway. It seems like the stock trans also came in a lexus SUV paired with a V8, so it should be sturdy enough for some extra torques. Looking to keep the build super simple and again, I'm looking for very modest gains, it's more about the fun of the install.

It doesn't look like many have done this before (stock internals + stock ECU, probably because it's a bad idea) but the curiosity is killing me and I figure since this car was so cheap, I figure what the hell. If (when?) I smoke the motor, then I can look into other motor options. BUt if I can avoid smoking it, then that's good too.

Parts wise I'm considering:

Turbo: TD04-13/14/15g Turbo. Compressor maps for these seem like they would work well even with the extra displacement of the b6304 given the modest boost I'm looking at.

(At first I was thinking cheapo chinese clone, but it turns out there's quite a few TD04s at breakers up here, in good shape for <$100. Considering it'll already have a wastegate and a CBV on there and the fact I can inspect it with my bare hands, it kinda seems like a no brainer.

Intercooler: Something from a donor Volvo, likely the same one I pull the turbo from.

injectors: T6 injectors and rail, figure for $60 just swap the rail out with the T6 injectors in-situ.

Intake: Stock octomom intake manifold, stock throttle body (I want to keep cruise)

Decat The weld on the one that's in there is a total ****show anyway.

Wideband AFR so that don't nuke it in the first 10 miles.

Electronic boost controller so I can control things tightly.

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First question is a basic one.... What should I do with this SAI (Not sure what the volvo term is) pipe

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Running a small turbo is a choke point granted those small turbos on the t6 are super tiny
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Again, contact Lankku from Finland..... he has pressurized these whiteblocks many times. Search this sub forum, you will find his advice many times over.
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Feedback thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=198746
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nice. I'm doing the same to a B6304. Except with an ebay t3/t4 which I originally bought for the redblock.

A late model 740/940 center outlet intercooler should drop right into the car, its got the same openings in the core and that spacer place same as the 4 cylinder cars. Lucky. I'm going to have to figure out something custom for my older 740.
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The cat the clogged in this thing, so it might be happening sooner rather than later. No point in doing exhaust work twice and there's a local shop (Turbo Tims) that has a BMW i6 Turbo manifold laying about already.

I think i'll go with e85 as well... looks like the "Volvo Green" injectors will flow (more than) enough to make it work for up to 300HP. Figure E85 is a good way to go with 10:1 compression and higher advance than I'd like with boost on gas.

okoye yeah that's true, but I'm not looking for big power at this point. Just wake the thing up.

DET17 Thanks. I'm looking at the tuning as a separate project at this stage, it seems like it's probably going to be somewhat involved. I'll get the hardware on first and see how it goes.

240wagonguy Thanks for the tip on the intercooler. Would be nice to have something closer to working without too much fenangling. I'm impatient.
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