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Default Injector Voltage // CAOPS @ Relay - No Start

No Start on a B230FT Swap Carbd 1982 244---> 1989 LH 2.2 740T B230FT

Im reading 12v on both sides of injector plug, with ignition in position "II" -- normal?
Im reading 12v at 86/2 on pump relay in position "II" -- normal?

Normal? Or is ECU not grounding injectors? As far as I can understand on diagrams, 86/2 should not have voltage in run position.

The 740 harness was an absolute mess with many improper connections prior to swap, and evidence of previous issues (melted #1 fuse, browned around 30 pin on relay, butchered suppression relay/ ECU looks to have been opened up for unknown reasons)

I've re-verified wiring and all connections look sound and as they should be.

Perhaps a bad ground?

Any help/insight is very much appreciated!
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Just to be clear...

You swapped an entire motor and ECU setup together? As in you've effectively taken one car and moved it into another? Or are you playing mix and match?

The first sentence is a bit mis-leading.
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