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Default Where to get 740/940 floor/defrost vacuum bellow?

I have a 90 740 turbo, and the floor vents are not working. On the floor setting, most air goes to the defrost. Used a mityvac and found that the floor-side of the bellow will not hold any vacuum. So, I need a new bellow. This is the one with the yellow and blue vacuum lines going to it.

From what I can see in the parts catalogs, the part numbers are 3522945 and/or 9463042. Not sure if one supersedes the other, or what. Either way, everywhere I look, both are NLA. Is there a new part number, or some different replacement part, or can anyone recommend a place to try to purchase a new one?

This is the car list it fits:

780 1987-1991
940 1991-1995
960 1992-1997
S90 1997-1998
V90 1997-1998

So I find it hard to believe they'd just stop making it, with no other replacement options...
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Someone else more experienced than me will hopefully chime in, but I think that's the one that's been NLA from the dealer for awhile now. I know the one on my car doesn't really work either.

My best suggestion is to grab one off a later 960 or S/V90.

Edit: volvo944ti is parting out an '98 S90 in for sale, you could ask him.
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Pretty sure my mechanic replaced mine with a new one, but I'm not sure where he got them...

We really need to design make a newer better version cause these bellows royally suck... My recirc bellow is out and there is no good way to replace it short of removing the dashboard...
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