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Default 740 headlights interchangeable to other Volvo's?

Have a 1991 Volvo 740 se. I hit a deer a few days ago, luckily no major damage. I busted the whole right headlight assembly out. The whole grill, Turn signal, that trim around the headlights.

My question is, i was check pull a part inventory in GA and they have only a 1990 Volvo 740 there. If I go there and no headlight or grill. I was thinking about the other Volvo's around the area. I have found a 960 1995-1999 and a 940 1999?

I understand I could just pay the extra money and buy used or new off eBay, but I am also going for some seats, bumper, ect
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The headlights and turn signals for your car should be the same as non-fog headlights from 1990-1992 740s and 1991-1995 940s. Headlights from a 960 will not work, regardless of year.

You mention a 1999 940. There is no such car as far as I am aware. In the US, 940s were sold as model year 1991 through 1995, and in Europe, they were sold as 1991 through 1998.

Hopefully that helps.
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Thank you. Just the answer I was looking for!

Oh they must have been a typo on the website for the 1999.
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Headlights from a 960 1991-1994 will work. Anything after 95 won't work. If you have the non fog front end as is typical of the 740se you can convert to the 940/960 fog front end setup.
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You can use 940 non-turbo headlights because the turbo ones make way for the fog lights in the middle.
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