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Default Mixing Performance Shocks/Struts

Could it, would it benefit me in any way to put Billy B6’s (HD’s) on the front of my car and B4’s (TC’s) on the rear? Could I get the best of both worlds? Stiff front end but comfortable tail end?

I see people mix shocks but I figured, or it seemed while reading, that this was because maybe buying used parts hence 2 dampers at a time.

Please educate me. Please be kind :>)
This would go on a ‘92 240 that is a spirited DD.
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The rear HDs are pretty soft for a performance shock. I wouldn't be scared to run HDs all around. I do in my 92 wagon and the rear is soft.

Also, 92 is going to have the welded spacer in the front strut housing so the strut gland nut isn't going to engage fully with billy HDs. Some say it's dangerous, I say put them on with a big ass pipe wrench and they hold fine.
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Anything that says "spirited" should stay miles away from any Bilstein TC product.
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The only safe bet is Ben.©
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Originally Posted by blkaplan View Post
Anything that says "spirited" should stay miles away from any Bilstein TC product.
Funny you should mention that. Rear TCs feel better than HDs, at least with IPD springs. Wouldn't run either with any significant spring rate, either.

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Well then guys, please suggest what I should do. I am limited by $$

I wanted to get IPD sport springs and Billy HD’s. This my play car that I drive 4 or 5 times a week.

Ben you sell Koni’s, the ride quality is stiffer, a little less lacking, correct? I know you can’t have both worlds but I want as close as possible, good performance that won’t shake the crap out of my head.

If HD’s are even a little dangerous on my car I won’t run them, period end of conversation.
So TC’s are junk? Ok so no go with that.

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Maybe some fresh turbo gas shocks would work well with one of softer aftermarket sport springs? Different car, but that's what I've run on my 9 series cars in the past (coupled with TME progressive springs) for a solid balance of handling and ride.

I assume a 2 series guy could give feedback on this option and what readily available springs are best suited to the gas shocks/struts.

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Do you sell similar “sport” springs Ben? I know you sell springs but I don’t know if they are race only or if you have any focused on my type of demographic.
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On my beater 740 sedan (different car, I know) I’ve been running stock springs with 1 1/2 coils removed with Sensen shocks and struts for about a year.

The Sensen shocks and struts are by no means “performance parts,” and were comically inexpensive (I think about $90 for all four corners off of eBay). That said, they match the slightly-stiffer-than-stock springs and don’t give a harsh ride at all. I would go so far as to recommend them to anyone whose budget is a primary factor in selecting parts.

That said, I have nothing to add concerning the original question regarding mixing brands/models of dampers between the front and rear.
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