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Default 960 rad blew out

Parking up at work yesterday and just as I stopped a cloud of steam came out from under the hood, after a quick look it turned out that a blank had blown out of the radiator. I was very surprised to find that nothing is really holding this blank in place, it's just held there by the rubber seal. After re inserting the blank, filling up with water and bleeding the system all seems well. Just wondering if this is normal or should it have something holding this blank in place?, I'm gonna have to drain some water out the system again today so I can add some antifreeze and I don't really want this happening again.
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I use the screw in metal plug for an oxygen sensor screwed into the rubber grommet. That holds the rubber grommet more securely in place. The spot is for a temp sensor but when not used Volvo just puts a plastic plug in the grommet. It's a weak spot in the system that they never upgraded. If you buy a new radiator you can buy a Nissens brand which uses a screw in metal sensor and the problem is eliminated.
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Ahhhh....thanks for that, I did wonder what the hell it was for. I will now try and find something to insert into it instead of the daft plug.
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Dave hit the nail square on the head. Using an O2 bung works extremely well. Swing by the local exhaust shop and get one for cheap. And I thought I was the only one that ever used this technique!!
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