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Default 940 Manual Swap

I know there's a lot of threads on here about putting manual transmissions into 700/900. I've read most of them. Just need some more info for my specific situation.

I have a 1993 940 Turbo Wagon. The AW71 crapped out. This is the 1st automatic transmission car I've had in over 25 years. Really want a manual gear box rather than replacing the AW71.

I have found a M47 out of a 1988 245. The ad for the 5 speed transmission says includes "driveshaft, pedals, cable, cross member...pretty much all there to convert your automatic" 240 from auto to manual. Also, has a clutch kit available.

I know the pedals won't fit a 700/900. I also know I have to make sure the pedals I buy are cable pedals. Have found another source for pedals.

I also know that the 1993 B230FT uses LH2.4 injection system & needs the crankshaft position sensor. The 245 the transmission came out of didn't have a crankshaft position sensor.

I don't think the drive shaft from a 245 will work in a 940 Turbo either.

My questions are this:

Will a 1988 M47 work in a 1993 940 Turbo?

How can I tell if 700/900 pedals are cable or hydraulic?

Should I have concerns about the cable transmission vs. looking for a hydraulic set up?

What do I do about the Crankshaft Position Sensor? Can I swap the bell housing from the AW71?

Will the driveshaft work?

Is the M47 shift lever in the right spot to match the 940 AW71 Shift lever position?

What other things should I be concerned about in considering this swap?

Also, how much horsepower or engine mods will the M47 be able to handle? Or should I consider another transmission? Haven't had much luck finding M90.

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The M47, while it will work, probably won't hold up too well to stock boost levels. Might be fine if you turn the boost down to B230FK levels, but not the full stock boost that creates 157-162 hp, depending on year of 7/9 series car. Better to find a M46 or plan to do a T5, Getrag, or M90 swap. If you do go M46, consider using one from a 1979-82 non-turbo 240, then use the 700 series shift linkage parts, guibo yoke, overdrive wiring, etc.


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m47 will hold some boost. worked on towery's 240 for a while 13psi I believe on a +t.

the only thing that fits is the trans. you will need 740/940 shifter cage and rod, driveshaft as the 240 one is shorter than the 740 one and an LH2.4 dog dish or lightweight flywheel with the 2.4 notches.
1991 Volvo 940se sedan m90 swapped, 17x10 oz fittistars, Bilsteins.
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I've got a complete M90 setup for the 7/9 series, from flywheel to driveshaft (front half). PM me for details.
Project "cheap thrills" build thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showth...67#post4211467

Feedback thread: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=198746
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As mentioned, the only thing usable from the 240 is the trans itself. You'll need a later flywheel, though the '88 M47 should have a "knock-out area" in the bellhousing to accommodate the crank sensor. Even then, you're working with a transmission that doesn't have a stellar reputation for its designed use, let alone behind a turbo.

If you can get your hands on the M90 above, jump on that opportunity!!! Wow.

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the problem with M47 that are available for sale is most been used and abused. You take a gamble if you will get a good one or a tired one. A tired one will not last behind a turbo car. When it goes you will looking for another then starts a cycle. I would go with T5, Its not that difficult to setup. I have a non turbo car, it is tuned up. Im on my 3rd M47, wish I would of went the T5 route.
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The m47 I have in my 940 turbo has seen about 8k miles behind a 13c at 15psi, and the last couple thousand miles behind a 16t at 15psi. I don't beat on it too hard though. fwiw.
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Okay. sounds like the T5 is the way to go. Assume the reference is to a Tremec T5 (Borg Warner) Have had that transmission in a few Chevy S10s. No problems.

Understand that the one to look for to fit a 700/900 is from a Camaro. What years? What engine(s)?
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We'll the camaro T5 tail housing will put the shifter closer to where you need it. Not sure if the redblock adapter will work with the camaro box. Pretty sure all the adapters are for ford T5's. So ford moostang T5 with chevy tailhousing.
1988 245 White slicktop M47 Wagon! 2.5L NA 8v going in.
1990 745 B230FT Getrag JohnV flywheel 240mm clutch 13c A-cam 3.54 G80 544K MILES
1991 740SE B230FT NPR Strut braces IPD bar A cam 550cc EV14's. 3.73 G80 M90 to put in.
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Originally Posted by Smythe0409 View Post
Understand that the one to look for to fit a 700/900 is from a Camaro. What years? What engine(s)?
Find the Performance thread a few years ago entitled "T5 Length?" or similar. Subject of the 7/9 cars fitting a stock T5 tail housing & shifter covered ad nauseam. This story about it "pretty much fits" the 7/9 is true, if you tear half the dash out and relocate the fuse block. Funny, all the guys that swear it works, "I had one and no problems" also refused to post pics.

In short, if you don't care how butchered up your dash becomes, then YES it can work. If you want the shifter in the OEM position (like the M90 would place it) then NO, it won't work.

The only longshot option that looked promising was to get an Aussie T5 tail housing, don't recall the model of their vehicle, and swap that to your T5. I know Fidel looked at importing some of these years back, and there was an ancient Performance thread from Oz where they detailed that it in fact worked and looked proper.
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