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Default Adam's "Project 754" Build thread

Hi there guys! I just started my project "754", so i tought it would be a good idea to create a build thread here.

Seven years ago i got my hands on a '85 740 sedan with a B230K engine and an AW71 automatic trans, but the carburetor is a pain in the arse on that engine, and the body's getting some "nice" rust patches, and altogether the car is 32 years old, so i decided to restore the body, fit a decent running gear under it, and with all these, swap out the carb...with the engine itself :D So the deal is to retrofit a 170HP B5244S with an M90 manual and possibily with and LSD.

So far i got an m90 transmision, and just got the engine donor last saturday, which is a 1999 V70 with an N/A 2.4 litre 5 banger.

I guess there are plenty of swap threads for T5 engines, and i guess that applies to N/A engines aswell, so i will look those up, and use all the info i can. If anyone have some tips or tricks up their sleeve, those are greatly appreciated!

Soon i will upload some pictures of the cars and stuff, stay tuned!
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