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Well, the rear end decision might take a quick turn this weekend. Heading to the local PnP to see if the rumored 94 NA 940 is there, ~ 135K on the clock. If it is, and has the 4.10 final gear, I'll be pulling that complete assy. for use in the DD. My calculations say it will only be turning 2650rpm at 70mph..... doesn't sound too bad I think it will be worth the RPM for the +10% torque increase that comes along with it...... and if I ever convert to a 71L or 72L, I'll be back in the same condition as the 3.73 (2400 rpm at 70mph).

But enough of that.... it's time to clear some room around this squirter red block for the planned improvements listed earlier. Here is how she looks before the knife enters:


Since the AC system has been flat on its a$$ since last summer (unknown leakage point), there is no 134a to recover. As I'm planning a full AC rebuild, and scored a NOS made in JAPAN AC compressor, this guy can go:


Carefully extracting the compressor and the hose set, mounts, etc, and with some clean up it's nearly ready for the new compressor (will be a good while before we get there). I also removed the entire cold side charge piping & hoses, including the stocker 2.5 inch throttle body. Just last week I scored the NIW conversion parts to adapt the 3.0 inch TB. From what I've read there is absolutely no downside to running the bigger TB. An EFI sage states "you can run too large an injector, but you simply cannot run too large of a Throttle body". Works for me, and I've got a 960 or 850 unit in the stash.


I'm also overhauling/upgrading the incoming air filter system and complete hot side piping/hose system, along with the Mitsu 19t conversion. Here is what the current factory air box and FORGE recirc. system looks like:


With the OEM air box removed, the hot side piping, we have this:


The OEM 940 down pipe has got to go, making way for the custom 3" DP that I will build from a TLAO pipe starting point. The AEM wideband sensor has got to be removed first; note the position I mounted it, basically AS FAR as possible from the turbine but still on the factory DP.


After a bunch of wrenching with metal locknuts on the turbine housing, and a rubber drain hose that was fairly stubborn after 5 years of service, we clear the way for the future revisions. The 90+ manifold still looks good after the use:



That's it for now.... a lot of the removal work is done. I'll be doing some cleanup work while everything is exposed, and will remove a little more of the AC system (filter/dryer) which will make the down pipe fitting easier. The engine bay in the surrender position:

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