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Default Cluster change mph to km won't read past 80kmh

I changed my cluster from one that reads inmiles per hour to one that reads in kmh now it won't read past 80kmh on the kmh cluster. Help!!!

Also my car has a breaking up issue past 4k rpm in higher gear or on hard pulls. Like spark cut out as it sort of backfires like it has some sort of anti lag setup
1991 Volvo 940se sedan m90 swapped, 17x10 oz fittistars, Bilsteins.
1994 Volvo 960 turbo b204ft m46

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no one saw me with my little umbrella and sandpaper though.
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We need more info here...
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Don’t know about the driveability issue, but I had this issue in mine when I replaced the speedometer gear. Apparently some broken pieces were binding up the mechanism. Might try using canned air or shaking it or trying to turn the magnetic wheel be hand.
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I didn't think there was anything to the whole 7/9 thing, but I have to say that my 745T is the only Volvo I've owned that blew up and self-immolated.
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