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Default 140 vs early 240 steering wheels

I assume there is a difference between 140 steering column splines and 240 steering column splines?

Where do I look for a momo pattern hub?
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Spline is the same but there's a few different hubs through the years.
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how psi stock cna support?

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'67-'72 140's use a different hub than '73- 140/240's do. The splines might be the same but the turn signal canceler and horn contact are different.
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There's also the issue of how far away the stalks are. An early 140 is more like a 700 series car, in how far out the rim is from the mounting nut. I've seen a 1971 142E with a 1973-76 wheel installed. There's a good 5-6" or so between the rim of the wheel and the stalks. A bit of a reach. You run into the same problem with a 240 wheel on a 740, at least without adjusting the column position. I have seen a 1972 140 wheel installed on a 1982 245T. It fits, but the wheel is very close to the stalks, since it is, after all, pretty flat.


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