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Originally Posted by John V, outside agitator View Post
Mark, I'm a dinosaur..Engine gerabox diff and suspension guy, not a clicky-cliack nerd boy..I was taught how to post piccies by a very kind and patient Canajian guy I was building a gravel Sierra for..Do this..
Do you have your piccies scanned? So they're somewhere stored on your confuser..OK

Are they "hosted" on some photo hosting service???

IF they're "hosted" (sitting) on some serive, you go there and click on the piccie, like here's my Canajuan friends 'build journal" with the local (my) made versions of Ford's Group N rally struts...
When that pccie is open look up in the "address bar" and you'll see an address looking like

To put the piccie here you "left click and hold it down and swipe over the address and either type Ctrl and C or right-click and in the drop down menu choose "Copy".

Then where you want to post the photo you can either look just above this screen at the 3rd symbol from the right..and click it
A box pups up and you hit "Ctrl" (lowest left on the keyboard) and V
Then hit OK and POOF!

Opps maybe I should have said when the photo is displayed at the Host site you "right click" and hit "copy image address" and put that in the box OR you can type
[img] ---then "paste" ----then [/img]
Originally Posted by OttoB View Post
I know a guy who had GrA suspension components in his 242. Might have something to do with that rallycross chassis. Can ask him for details.

Do you know what kind of cylinder head Volvo had in their cars? I know they used 531 heads, but valve cover seems to be older style with high filler tube. Why I'm asking? I got very nicely ported 531 head with std size valves, cast date early 80's. K-Jet injector holes.I have been thinking that might be from GrA
Hi Otto,

The only valuable and very rare VMS suspension component today, is the 3 piece rear axle, with the half tube's bolt flange's machined on a taper to give 1.5º negative camber at the wheel. The centre section "pumpkin" was cast in Aluminium.

These very rare 1031 GpA are worth their weight in Gold! Well not really, but worth say US$10K. The rest of the suspension bits are easily obtainable today at very reasonable prices.

All of the Factory VMS GpA engines had the old style rocker cover with the tubular looking breather connection running sideway's across the front half of the rocker cover, and were all uncoated when they left VMS.



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question for the man who knows:

I have heard a legend that some of those Gp. A cars had the body shell modified; the front clip was cut and re-welded to change caster but remain within the rules, this left a wedge shaped reveal between the front fender and the door. True or fiction?

Thanks, Al.

Also, I almost bought the red car from the original owner about 15 years ago! Glad to see it went somewhere good.
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Thank you very much for sharing with us Mark, It is a glorious treat. Now a couple questions if you are up for it:

Originally Posted by MarkPetch View Post
Hi Otto,

This was the last factory "Work"s car ever built, as Volvo pulled the plug on its official involvement in GpA, after loosing the 1986 ETC because of cheating allegations, following the disqualification of the RAS team's two car with Fuel irregularities.
"Fuel irregularities".......As I have been able to research they were using fuel that was up to 70% toluene to control detonation at the boost levels they were running, yet still managed to sorta pass on track testing...... Any truth to this?

Also, If I am correct, the suspension pickup points needed to be as-homologated in the race car. The strut bar and the braces back to the firewall have adjusters on them in the Australian team car you have, How much extra camber and caster were they getting by screwing these adjusters down after tech inspection??....
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