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Default Who can produce exhaust flanges in europe?


is anyone out there who could laser/watercut me some flanges?
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K9 240
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Have you seen

was looking as my plan B option - just don't buy them all!
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El Greco Capitano
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I do have access to waterjet. Also have the cad file that was online at some point. On top of that i have a pre 90's manifold i took off my B21ET.

I made my manifold by waterjetting 2 0,6mm 316 pieces and putting them together that was cheaper option, but there can be any almost material or thickness you want.

Let me know what you think on PM if you want. I am in Greece. Check my custom made manifold on my build thread if you want
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just look around. i bet u will have at least three water/laser cut companies in 50km area.
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