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Old 02-11-2018, 07:10 PM   #1
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Default Volvo 745 GL/T-90 +T

So i finally decided to make a project thread here of my swedish brick.
The project started with a free 745 90 "GLT" i got from a friend and a b23et block
i bought from another friend This was winter 2015 i started small with the engine.
And i got le car late 2016 but the process of putting it together,
started 2017 because other projects, so from here i got some goodies for the engine, Spec down below.

I know the car is dirty so i dont want to hear anything about it

B23et block
530 head not ported just milled
axt-275 cam
3" maf
0.9 bar of boost rips second gear on dry asphalt
kl crappy chips for injectors and maf
m46 sinter 6-puck 215mm and oem plate

I am going to register the car with turbo so it need to be as stock it can be
before i give it more speedparts and the things done to it now will not be
any problem to make it pass inspection.

But things i have waiting for it when its registered is:
Schwitzer s2b turbo
hks copy of 40mm wastegate
homemade exhaust manifold
578cc low resistance injectors
fekzen custom chips for another redblock but almost the
same as mine and E85
ported 530 head with stiffer springs
712 pressure plate and a 6-puck sinter 228mm

colour black
half leather front seats
power windows in front will install rear later
power mirrors
765 fluff panels A-pillars and over front/back doors
and a pioneer avh-5700dvd as entertainment with stock speaker
for now
black headlamp headliner list in front around mid rear viewmirror and sunblockers
i dont know the word and i dont care

us spec front signal/turn lights
us fender badge not mounted yet beacuse we need to have fender turnlights here
eggcrate grill
oem tail lights in sunk condition
945 trunk handle will get some paint before i mount it
Borbet A 17*8.5 ET13 and 17*10 ET20

Some pictures from the beginning to the end
all pics isn't the best quality

Fresh new paint on it

New W-pump and headgasket i think it's 2 years ago
so i cant remember everything

Axt cam installed

Picked up the shell at my friends place

In the garage

Test started but it didnt work for long

From the beginning i planned to have a flat flywheel that came of a 740 gle 85
but my 2.4 ring from an auto "flywheel" didnt got centered so it smashed my
vr sensor. Therefore we changed to a 2.4 wheel for the moment. I plan to use the flat
one at a later time if i dont make my 2.4 standard F-wheel flat instead.

So after the incident with the flywheel i prayed to redblock jesus for guidance that
the engine would start after the tragic event that occured with my vr sensor and it did.

So when it started and were driveable i took car of the boring brakes and i hate old brakes
It was one legged so i got hold of a g80 locker complete axle so i grinded almost all rust of it and sprayed with a paint gun beacuse i hate rust too
And also fitted a swaybar from a turbo car beacuse i didnt have one in the back.

Boring brakes done and so i continued with more fun stuff
My father gave me a set of wheels but they where not 5*108 and will not
fit any 740 with spacers maybe the front rims but not the rear ones .. But i like them so i drilled the hubs 5*114.3 instead

So now i can fit my borrbs on the car but a 5mm spacer in front will prolly do it.
When i change the tires to 215-40 instead of 235-40. rim is 17*8.5 ET13

My first outside pic of le car in the beautiful swedish summer
Of course us spec turn/signal lights is a must here in sweden so i ordered a set of em.
And a snowcap found its place on the car, also its stock length on the springs

Another future project for the engine done pic 1

Future project pic 2 got the idea from another one of this forum..
Saw his head with this made to it for a long time ago but i can't remember who
Bad ligthing bad pictures sadly

235-40 will perhaps be better than 255-45 sneek peak 1

Sneek peak 2

And now it was time for my drive axles to be redrilled in the right pattern.

Same day it was put together its tight but its perfect same on other side

And here i am.. Beacuse it didnt started last time i was going to take it in to work on it i havent done more but test fit of back wheels is done after so long time
springs chopped 1.5 coils on all 4 and no air in front tires so let the rake be.

Things iam going to do in near future is to change taillights beacuse they are sunk, Next is
making the bumpers black again and paint them i dont know what its called in usa
but in sweden its classic or GLE painted bumpers.
And of course chopping the springs and cut n weld my panhard bar for getting the rearaxle in center when lowered If not my rims will scrape. It's even going to get a shower
when its warmer outside and the winter is done!.

Sorry for my bad grammers but swedish is my first lang excuses

Some videos of my car is on this page TeamBröölet on facebook even some of my friends cars.

I will update as often it happens something to le car over and out.
"Warning for some bad english"

244-GL/V8TiC-88B. 745-GLT/IC-90. 744-TiC-86. 764-TiC-85

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Awesome, looking forward to seeing the future mods. Mine is also on borbets but a smaller size. I figured they're a tiny bit like Geminis so they don't look out of place.
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Old 02-14-2018, 08:10 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by Pete.M View Post
Awesome, looking forward to seeing the future mods. Mine is also on borbets but a smaller size. I figured they're a tiny bit like Geminis so they don't look out of place.
hehe okey thanks. Yeah i want to se what the lh 2.4 can give me hp wise.. but a standalone will probably find its place later on...
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Old 03-18-2018, 10:20 PM   #4
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Default felt it was time to work on my own car for once

So i finally got some work on le car done not much to do for now
but at least something. I had a hard time to get it to start when i tried to get
in the garage last time i tried. Atleast it was a easy fix but i dont understand
how my cam had moved almost a half turn. so just undid the timing belt and put it right and it started on first try

I did change my taillights and put some stock indicators in front. and 1 coil each in the rear just fell off too but will be more later on and now some pics will come beacause text is boring!!

2 pics before and third is after

No rust

some cleaning and a touch of bumper shine can do much.

So next on to do list is chop more springs front and back cut n weld the cross bar
for centering the rear axle so the rimps can sit nice in the middle. and injectors will be changed 578cc and kl racings 3" and r-injector chip didnt like each other that much

Thats it for now more to come maybe next weekend time will tell

edit: how do i change topic??

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Wilford Brimley
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I love you swedes
96 Grand cherokee, 5.2l badass wheeler

Originally Posted by LeedomtoFreedom View Post
I've got a real issue with you Wilford
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Default just a quickie

Not much of an update but felt to post something :D
haven't done much with any of my cars for a while now
but i have atleast changed injectors so the car runs decent
and is inspection "legal" and it's lowered more but it is still too high
i will make the panhard bar adjustable before i lower it more

and i was going to wash it last time but there was not enough water in the "well" or
what its called so that was a no go sadly

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Originally Posted by kimbo View Post

I think those wheels (and most other 5 spokes) are perfect on the 7/9 series cars. Looks great!
1980 242 Turbo
2004 V70R

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Old 07-25-2018, 02:09 PM   #8
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Default clutch and wash

got some work on the car and for the car done last week

a friend and i washed the car at his work becuase it was water shortage were i store it
and i dont like the result before it was redish now its pink haha
but will polish it and see how the result turns out otherwise it will get a respray.

And the other thing i did was making a 712 pressure plate from a m90 fit
my m46/47 flywheel need to mill some more and bore holes for the plate pins and its done

and why dosn't my topic change i did that almost when i posted the thread but nothing have happened. anyone? (i didnt like it almost immediately after i posted it)

as long its wet its red.

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Old 11-04-2018, 06:58 AM   #9
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Default quick update

havent done much to the car lately but i have changed rims/tires just beacause i dont want it to sit on my nice rims this winter..
that was all enjoy your style of rim and tires

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Old 11-22-2018, 11:32 AM   #10
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Default a little bit of progress.

Finally done with my flywheel took a bit longer than planned
but now its only to put it on the car left

and i have to make an adapter for the throwout bearing since this plate is not as tall
as a standard m46/47 plate.
it is a 712 plate and a 6-puck sinter for those who are interested to know

the finish could probably be better but it is the first time i have done something like this!

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